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MARC Formats Transition (Core IG Week) - Shared screen with speaker view
Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
Hi, everyone - I'm a Core staff member. Just a quick note that our Code of Conduct can be found at http://www.ala.org/core/about/statement-of-conduct . Please contact me through private chat or at jlevine@ala.org if you experience or see any violations of the Code
Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
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Jenny Lobb
I remember Geac. :)
Cindy Tian
Hi everyone! Please drop your questions in the chat and we will get to them after all the 3 presentations. If you could indicate which speaker the question is for, that would be super helpful. Thanks!
Ann-Marie Breaux
Yes, totally agree with Wayne - MARC can be a useful format, but it should not be the required format, especially as libraries try to break out of our metadata silo and join our data with the larger non-library online community.
Lloyd Chittenden
Kyle's presentation seems far too optimistic to me. FOLIO does make it possible to build your own migration tool, but that doesn't mean migration is easy. You still have to build your own migration tool, and most libraries do not have the ability to do that at all. Maybe you can do it with skills that are common in the tech world, but those skills are not so common in the library world.
Ann-Marie Breaux
I think with open source ILS, one key concept is realizing that open source =/= "free." There are still costs associated, whether it's payi­ng for hosting and/or migration, or paying for internal skilled staff to manage the migration, system, and data
Peter Murray
Did Wayne really just say "To the vector go the spoils"?!?
Kevin Ford
He did.
Ann-Marie Breaux
How great is it to have story time in a library presentation??!!
Jennifer Weston
The Dot and the Line story is just what I needed this afternoon -- a perfect metaphor. Thanks, Wayne!
Bob Scheier
I really enjoyed that!
Peter Murray
Ooof--that hit my geeky funny bone hard on a Friday afternoon.
Laura McElfresh
My math major self was thinking I need to get a copy of "The Dot And The Line" till you hit us with that pun. (Now I KNOW I need it, haha)
Wayne Schneider
RIP Norton Juster (also author of The Phantom Tollbooth)
Ann-Marie Breaux
Ooh - just was rushing here to type that - The Phantom Tollbooth is one of my favorite books of all time!
Peter Murray
See the Vision, Strategic Directives, and Initiatives document for a sense of where the FOLIO project is going: https://wiki.folio.org/display/COMMUNITY/FOLIO+Vision%2C+Strategic+Objectives+and+Initiatives
Jesse Lambertson
Laura, I was running late today, sorry. Might you talk about some of the other values you think are cool about disconnecting the source data from the FOLIO Instance, as one of the ways its really being developed for the future? thanks
Kyle Banerjee
@Lloyd, "easy" is probably not the operative word for most libraries.Even if you have an ace tech team, figuring out exactly what to do is tricky since a deep understanding of existing services as well as the workflows and people who support them is essential to planning the migration even before the tech stuff gets added to the picture.But having tech possibilities that can be fulfilled using the community, "normal" tech skills, and the like is a big deal. It means that even if your library doesn't have the skills to do it, it's easy to find someone who does -- and it's easy to know who to look for
Laura Daniels she/her
"Free like a puppy not like beer"
Kyle Banerjee
Even free beer has a cost -- at least that was my experience back in college
Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)
Can we have another story :-)
Ann-Marie Breaux
Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)
Thanks Wayne
Ann-Marie Breaux
But we only have 1 minute
Sherman Clarke
Can someone explain how FOLIO and Sinopia differ or are similar?
Jesse Lambertson
thank you
Sherman Clarke
Thanks. That’s great
Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
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Jean Pajerek
Thank you!
Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)
Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
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Debra Spidal
Thank you. Very interesting session
Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)
Very interesting
Sol Lopez
Thank you!
Amy Convery
Thank you!
Jesse Lambertson
cheers all