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Live Q&A Forum with Preservation Week 2022 Honorary Chair Elizabeth Yeampierre - Shared screen with speaker view
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Hello, I’m Brooke Morris-Chott, the Advocacy & EDI Program Officer for Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, a division of the American Library Association. Just a quick note that our Code of Conduct can be found at https://www.ala.org/online-code-of-conduct. Please contact me through private chat or at bmorris@ala.org if you experience or see any violations of the Code.For more information about Preservation Week, please visit https://preservationweek.org.
Katie Risseeuw
How has Elizabeth connected what she learned about Preservation to her own work? Or even personally?
Katie Risseeuw
the broad definition of preservation is great to hear
Karen Neurohr
This is great, but I have a scheduling conflict and must leave. Thank you for offering this!
Dyani Feige (she/her)
Thanks, Karen, the forum is being recorded so please check out the video later!
Katie Risseeuw
Does Elizabeth see a place for more formal preservation of their stories? Oral histories, physical collections, or the documentation/archives of UPROSE. Does it matter if it's in an established institution or is it ok to keep it organic within the community?
Miriam Centeno
This was amazing. Thank you!
Katie Risseeuw
wonderful answer
Ann Kearney
Echoing Miriam's comment--and thank you!
Brooke Morris-Chott, Core Advocacy & EDI Program Officer
Thank you so much, Elizabeth!
Shelby Strommer
Thank you so much!
Katie Risseeuw
Such an honor to have you with us!