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Publisher-Vendor-Library Relations (Core IG Week) - Shared screen with speaker view
Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
Hi, everyone - I'm a Core staff member. Just a quick note that our Code of Conduct can be found at http://www.ala.org/core/about/statement-of-conduct . Please contact me through private chat or at jlevine@ala.org if you experience or see any violations of the Code
Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
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Susan Davis
Thanks for the reality check Bill. Grumbling about lack of coffee stations. :-)
Carolyn Morris
If you have questions, please post them to the chat.
Andrea Kappler
At my public library, we've had a lot of problems getting our shelf ready books in on time by or before their release dates. We're also having problems ordering additional copies of books at later dates, due to supply chain problems.
Andrea Kappler
One thing we've also noticed with DVDs for feature movies is that there are way fewer of them than in pre-pandemic times. The reason for this is due to more streaming platforms being released to the general public during and following the initial pandemic shutdowns.
Beth Bechtel
I work with a consortium of 24 public libraries and, like Andrea, we are having many problems getting our physical books in a timely manner, and also experiencing problems with shelf ready and pre-processed books.
Pat Riva
Streaming video became a huge part of the year, as we had to replace everything held on DVD we needed for teaching. I don't know whether the demand will remain for streaming or whether DVD will become acceptable again (for teaching)
Andrea Kappler
@Pat. The death of the DVD format has been predicted for many years. Perhaps the pandemic hastened that death.
Ajaye Bloomstone
Over the past year, I spoke with my vendors on a much more personal level other than just about a particular subscription or invoice I would be processing. On the positive side, I learned to appreciate the involved situations of the publishing and vending professions, and the issues they experienced so that my library could eventually receive the materials we wanted.
Pat Riva
We've learned that we can't take plans for granted
Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
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Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
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Jenny Levine (Core staff, she/hers)
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Andrea Kappler
Thank you!