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Core Town Hall 4 - Shared screen with speaker view
Kerry Ward
Hi - Julie will talk more about CE, but we don't see less CE, we see more. There will be more attention to incorporating voices from the three divisions, but the breadth of CE should actually increase. And the communication should be the same if you're only in one division, and hopefully more targeted. The folks in two or three of the div will see fewer msgs, thankfully.
Kerry Ward
someone had hand raised but don't know where it went
Kerry Ward
go for it
Chelcie Rowell
Let’s save 5 minutes for me to outline continuing opportunities to engage and provide feedback on the proposed formation of Core, on behalf of the Communication Working Group?
Jenny Levine
will do
Chelcie Rowell
I just want to note that we have a hand raised, Erica Findley’s, let’s save time to invite them to speak!
Jenny Levine
Can you retype your comment?
Jenny Levine
I want to make sure what you're saying is clear
Kerry Ward
we may run out of time for the volunteer piece. seems more impt to answer these comments?
Erica Findley
Do we want to mention we are still listening to member input and to submit that to us?
Chelcie Rowell
A message from the Communication Working Group: We’re grateful for your candor throughout this process — during town halls, via the feedback form, at in-person events at ALA Midwinter and Annual. Today’s town hall isn’t the last opportunity to stay engaged. On the Core website visit the Events page: https://core.ala.org/upcoming-events. Not yet on the Events page, but still in the works are division-specific town halls, to be cohosted by division Presidents and Executive Directors, probably around the time that the vote opens to members (assuming it’s passed by the board).
Erica Findley
Events page: https://core.ala.org/upcoming-events
Tyler Dzuba
Thanks, all!